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summer sem. 2021
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SS 2022 WS 2021
SS 2021
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Department of Physics
open chemistry
KVL / Klausuren / MAP 1st HS: 12.04  2nd HS: 31.05  sem.br.: 19.07  begin WS: 12.04

4020210148 Advanced Quantum Field Theory  VVZ 

Mon 11-13
weekly ZGW 2 1.207 (56) B. Eden
Wed 11-12
weekly ZGW 2 1.207 (56)
Wed 12-13
weekly ZGW 2 1.207 (56) B. Leder

Digital- & Präsenz-basierter Kurs

classroom language
Lecture with tutorials aimed at mathematics and physics students.
Knowledge of Quantum Field Theory on the level of an introductory course
structure / topics / contents
- Recap. Quantum Electrodynamics
- Renormalisation
- Yang-Mills theory
- Spontaneous breaking of symmetry, Weinberg-Salam
- Standard model
- Time permitting: anomalies, techniques for Feynman integrals
assigned modules
P24.1.a UeWP
amount, credit points; Exam / major course assessment
3 SWS, 6 SP/ECTS (Arbeitsanteil im Modul für diese Lehrveranstaltung, nicht verbindlich)
Homework exercises will be given.
Part two of a two-semester course in QFT for students of physics, and maths students interested in mathematical physics. Theoretical foundation of the specialisation physics of elementary particles, yet of interest to students of solid state physics.
Dr. Burkhard Eden (ZGW 6 2.10)
Edelhäuser & Knochel. Tutorium QFT. Springer
Peskin & Schroeder. QFT. Addison Wesley
Ryder. QFT. Cambridge
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